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You must have the burning desire to learn a skill that can help you achieve your goals and you're able to make some money out of it.
Sheikh Sajawal

I've got you covered.

After years of global market experience, I have compiled very comprehensive short courses which won't waste your time & make you able to cash the skills.

I want you all to learn & grow in your professional life.

Right after completing any course, you would be able to take on its relevant project and deliver good results.


Sheikh Sajawal

Hi there, I am Sheikh Sajawal. CEO at Digital Dastak which is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer by passion.

I have been working with clients from all over the work and I have made the Most Comprehensive Digital Marketing Courses which will help you in gaining hands-on experience along with the best practices of doing any task.

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Because all the courses are linked with each other
& to make the best out of Digital Marketing,
You would need all of the above 5 courses.

So you can get a straight 47% Discount on the Mega Bundle of 5.

Bundle Price:

PKR 15,000
PKR 8000

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A Wealth of Experience.

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Answers to you challenges.

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