Digital Marketing Value Bomb | Bundle of 5 Course

About Course

In today's digital world where most of our time is spent on social media platforms, getting the attention that we deserve can be very challenging. For this purpose, we all should be very focused on how to make the best out of all the social media platforms and how to emerge as a brand in your niche. I will teach you whatever I have learnt from working with global customers, the best practices and some useful hacks.


In this Bundle of 5 courses, you’ll get an in depth understanding of Digital Marketing & Online Growth.

All of the 5 Courses of Digital Marketing are related & they compliment each other.

This bundle will be of the most value to you so that you can make the best out of all the major online platforms.


The bundle is recommended to be completed step by step in the below mentioned format:


What you’ll learn in Ultimate Marketing Fundamentals:

1-   Marketing Framework Clarity of Business.   2-  Who & When – Your customers.   3-  Marketing Channels.

4-   Why? Marketing Objectives & KPIs.   5-   Content strategy. 6-   Content creation.   7- Content optimization.

8-   Social Media Channels.


What you’ll learn in Branding & Design Fundamentals | Design on Canva:

1-   What are brands?   2-   Personal branding on social media   3-   Branding a Business

4-   Importance of having a personal brand   5-   Goals & KPIs of branding  6-  Branding for jobs and business

7-   Designing Well – Basic Rules.   8-  Designing on Canva.


What you’ll learn in Ultimate Facebook Ads Masterclass:

1-   Overview of Facebook Ads.   2-   Understanding customer intent   3-   Understanding Ads Structure.

4-   Define your customers.   5-   Craft the buyer journey.   6-   Facebook Business Manager.

7-   Creating Campaigns.    8-   Creating Adsets.   9-   Creating Ads.

10-   Audience Targeting.   11-   Custom Audiences.    12-   Lookalike Audiences.

13-   Re targeting.    14-   Audiences Exclusion.   15-   Conversions Tracking.

16-    Facebook Pixel.    17-   Standard & Custom Events.   18-   Testing & Optimization.


What you’ll learn in Ultimate Google Ads Masterclass:

1-   Overview of Google Ads.   2- Understanding customer intent.   3-   Understanding Ads structure.

4-   How ads auction work.   5-  Define your goals.   6-   Define your customers.

7-   Creating Campaigns.    8-   Creating Adsets.   9-   Creating Ads.

10-   Craft the buyer journey.    11-   Exploring Ads Dashboard.    12-   Exploring Campaigns.

13-   Exploring Ad Groups – SKAGS & STAGS    14-   Exploring Ads & Keywords. 15-   How keywords work

16-   Tools to help.    17-   Keyword planner.   18-   Selecting audience.

19-   Customer LTV.   20-   Deciding bidding strategy.   21-    Ads extensions.

22-   Write a great ad.   23-   Responsive search ad.   24-   Conversions tracking.

25-   Google analytics.   26-    Google tag manager.    27-   Testing strategies.


What you’ll learn in Ultimate LinkedIn Growth Masterclass:

1-   Why LinkedIn?    2-    Sample profile overview.    3 –    LinkedIn Profile Optimization.

4-    Focusing on keywords.    5-    LinkedIn for Business/Leads    6-    LinkedIn for Jobs.

7-     LinkedIn Organic Growth Strategy.     8-    LinkedIn Content Strategy.    9-    LinkedIn Premium & Sales Navigator.

What Will I Learn?

  • Marketing Fundamentals.
  • Branding & Design Fundamentals.
  • Design on Canva.
  • Facebook Ads Masterclass.
  • Google Ads Masterclass.
  • LinkedIn Growth Masterclass.


  • Internet Connection.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Growth mindset.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who's associated with Marketing domain.
  • Marketing students and professionals.
  • Students & professionals who want to get a better understanding of the Digital Marketing & Social Media.
  • Anyone who wants to get better results from their Marketing campaigns.
  • Anyone who wants to pursue his/her carrier in marketing.
  • Anyone who want's to get opportunities through LinkedIN.
  • Anyone who has the passion to learn about Digital Marketing, Social Media & Designing.
  • Anyone who wants to start a Digital Marketing Agency.
  • Anyone who wants to work as a Digital Marketer.