Mega Bundle Offer

Because all the courses are linked with each other
& to make the best out of Digital Marketing,
You would need all of the above 5 courses.

So you can get a straight 47% Discount on the Mega Bundle of 5.

Bundle Price:

PKR 15,000
PKR 8000

Promo Code for first 20 Enrollments

15% OFF on All Courses & Bundle | Promo Code= last20

This promo code is totally based on 1st come 1st serve basis.

& will get expired once first 20 students have used it.
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Group Discounts

Group of 3 = 15% Discount.

Group of 5 = 25% Discount.

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Community Support

With the help of our learning partners who will pay us on your behalf,

We offer a 95% Discount to the deserving people in our community.

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